Sideline - Second Phone Number App Reviews

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One of my clients was erroneously texted a link to a porn site from my sideline app. I am shocked confused and FURIOUS RIGHT NOW!!!

I love the service, just what I needed

I wish we could either have an icon by the incoming calls if they leave a voicemail or be able to see all voicemail's in one place. I need to be able to get to them easily and at this time I have to go through every single call and go into it to check for voicemail. Thank you!

I'm glad I found this service

Glad I found this service

I've used google voice, line2, burner and text me as well as sideline. My opinion, out of those apps I have used sideline is the BEST no doubt. The pro account is only 2.99, I mean... that's nothing. Those other apps cost SOO MUCH MORE! Sideline is the best, absolutely all the way!!!!

This is a great app!!!! I give this number out to people I really dont mess with like that . I use the hell out of this app!!

Mrweedsmoker, Do you use it for sideline chicks too?? Lmao you seem like the type

I Am So Glad I Found Out About This App

Super simple to use I was a bit skeptical at 1st since it said it was completely free! I have been using the app for a few days now and it has worked great! Super easy to set up and has some really nice features if you are using it as a business phone!

Im so happy!

I didnt even know such services were invented, not to mention FREE! I started working for a doctor and I am in direct contact with his patients all the time. It was somewhat annoying that my personal number is accessible to all and at all times! I was already worried about getting a second phone, another device to be responsible for and the headache goes on and on! With this app not only I can control when I receive notifications from patients but I can actually give this number to anyone Im not sure I wanna be in touch with and just block the number after! Ridiculous how simple it is. Definitely a 5 star! Thank you :)

Best texting app

This app is better then any other text or calling app then any of the other apps on the App Store that are similar. My favorite one.

Works good but...

Id like to be able to lose the ads with a one-time payment. I really dont want anymore reoccurring bills. Thats the only reason I havent ponied up. Its not that the app is bad its the monthly thing - thats a deal breaker. Be advised that there is a text character limit as well. Not a huge deal but Ive hit the cap before & then you have to break up your text into 2 smaller text rather than 1 long one.

My favorite app

This comes in handy so much. Gives me a line just for special clients.


Very simple to set up, works absolutely flawlessly - extremely dependable & very useful. Like many of us our only phone is our cell phone & its not always a local area code. Im able to provide a local number to my clients with the ease & convenience of 1 device (and for nuthin)!! Great job on a great app, 5 stars without a doubt.

Works great

Now I have a work number and a personal number and can text and call from both. Used to use Google Voice but they messed that up when they put it in hangouts. This is much better and it is all on my phone


Never had an issue, an all around good alternative to your number for whatever usage you deem.


Good phone quality. Text and pictures are grade A. Just like having a second line !


Its a lifesaver.. I use it for work.. I didnt have to change my out of state number because I was able to get a local number through sideline! Would definitely recommend.

Great for online dating.

Im skeptical about the process as it is let alone give my number to strangers, weirdos and what have you. This makes it so much easier. Safer too.


My only complaint is that you have to make sure that you used it every 30 days or you could lose your number. Thats more in the user...other than that, AWESOME!!!

Sideline Second Line

Love this app. Same quality as my service line. Talk and text on second line free is amazing

Good app

Love it can silent people I dont want to talk to

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