Sideline - 2nd Phone Number App Reviews

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I love the service, just what I needed

I wish we could either have an icon by the incoming calls if they leave a voicemail or be able to see all voicemail's in one place. I need to be able to get to them easily and at this time I have to go through every single call and go into it to check for voicemail. Thank you!

I'm glad I found this service

Glad I found this service

I've used google voice, line2, burner and text me as well as sideline. My opinion, out of those apps I have used sideline is the BEST no doubt. The pro account is only 2.99, I mean... that's nothing. Those other apps cost SOO MUCH MORE! Sideline is the best, absolutely all the way!!!!

Great for business

Just like having a second phone. I was relocated cause of work and needed a local number but was able to keep my existing number. Great job deff recommend


Great app for cheaters nd to give dude a fake number nd not your real one

Love App, But I have an important question....... Does anyone know how it displays on the bill. The bill usually displays the number called, received, time and date. But, what about calls received and made through sideline. I can't imagine that the number would show on the bill, but does something/anything appear? Does it say sideline call? Does anyone know what it says?

Works flawlessly with a better contact info tap

calls are super clear and there is zero delay in ring.. plus, a single tap on contact name reveals number as opposed to iphone native where you have to tap a few times

I dont usually do this but ..

This app is awesome and truly a life saver!

Love it

Best thing to do pranks with

Fantastic app

Its still one of the best apps Ive ever used. Even the updates have been valuable. This is truly one of the few apps that is not only of tremendous use to anyone from the specialist to the layperson, but also one that makes a lot of sense. It is still one of my top three apps that I use. Thanks again!

Hate this app

This app is not reliable, missed txt, call quality is terrible


Love this app. Practical!

Its ok. Has some issues with wifi calling

I have ported my number to this app and although it works, when the phone rings caller ID does not show until the call has already passed. Wifi calling does not work at all, one way audio. The app overall deserves 4 stars because it does mostly what I need.


Better than google voice. Operates like a spare line ❤️


One for everything, the other to say Im like Kevin Gates. 5 stars for free second line so I can go around screaming, "I GOT ME 2 PHONES" in strangers faces. Great app to allow me to be a

More features needed, not really happy

Need call forwarding! Need more efficient/knowledgeable customer service representatives and work on the response time. Want to be able to upload a voicemail greeting. Need business options.

Its good and efficient

I really like the app it hasnt crashed or failed me yet and I never want it to but i love the app and its amazing thanks for what you guys do and keep up the great work

Awesome app

Works great is a discreet way to contact people without giving out ur number and without anyone being able to snoop thru ur phone to see whats going on!! I would highly recommend it works great

Works exactly as stated

Best app ever!!


I use this app for business and its wonderful.

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